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Couples' Halloween costumes will turn heads

Successful group and couples' costumes can look impressive, win competitions and make others laugh. From hysterical combinations to terrifying costumes that will cause a fright, you can find the perfectly matched costume sets that fit your personalities. While some couples' Halloween costumes offer the standard his-and-hers matching outfits, you can also find costumes for couples' and groups with unique and clever counterparts to one another. Whether you're planning your matching couples' costumes or heading out on the town with your partners in crime, you're bound to have a fantastic Halloween.

For a simple couples' costume, look for matching men's and women's Halloween costumes such as pirates, vampires and Greek gods. Pair a doctor costume with a nurse costume, or join up as ninjas or prisoners. You can dress up as a football star with his cheerleader girlfriend for a classic and adorable look. If you want to make it more entertaining, put a vintage spin on it with uniforms from the 80's or 60's. For a little geeky fun, dress up as your favorite superheroes, villains or sidekicks. The possibilities are endless.

For the couple that loves to laugh and make others laugh, look for a ridiculous and hilarious costume that will be the talk of the party or the neighborhood. Whether you're heading to a blowout bash or taking the kids trick-or-treating, a funny costume for couples might be what you're looking for. For an expecting couple, pair a men's chef costume with a pregnant mom-to-be who has a "bun" in the "oven."

When it comes to group costumes, though, you'll want to choose a set that fits everyone in the group. If you're all comic book and movie fans, a superhero theme gives everyone the chance to choose their favorite hero or villain. If you're dressing the entire family up with a single theme, you'll want something that works for everyone from parents' and teens' costumes to babies' and pets' costumes. For a fun family-friendly theme, choose a Disney movie or type of character, whether you want to be villains, heroes or sidekicks.

No matter what couples' costumes you choose, Sears has the selection you need to put together the best group or couples' costumes in town. Pick costumes that get you into character to make your monster mash a truly rockin' bash.


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