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      Even ghouls and zombies like pretty flowers, which is why the right Halloween floral arrangements look perfect around any home around this spooky holiday. From simple fall flowers to all-out wild arrangements, silk or real floral collections will up the mood with minimal effort. You can drop a set of real blooms into a spooky black vase or a ghoulish green bowl for added effect, or you can buy a complete arrangement already assembled from Sears. With no fuss and affordable prices, we are your one stop shop for Halloween fun.

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      Spruce up your home with fresh Halloween floral arrangements

      You may not always think of Halloween as a flower-giving holiday, but it is the perfect event for giving, receiving or decorating with fresh flowers. Granted, you don't see a lot of flowers in ghoulish grey or grimy green, but you can still put together a bouquet that is fun, fresh and festive enough to handle any occasion. Even if you suffer from rampant allergies, an artificial bouquet will look just as nice, and will last the whole season long.

      Fall decor and Halloween decorations can be combined to make perfectly spooky and seasonal Halloween floral arrangements. Start with your flowers and greens. There are many color combinations you can choose, but if you plan to use artificial blooms, it might be wise to select neutral fall colors that will do double duty as fall decorations. If you are using live blooms that will wilt before Thanksgiving season arrives, then you can get a little funkier. Though many flowers do not naturally come in lime green, black or deep purple colors, they do exist and can be a lovely way to celebrate the season. If you are making a floral arrangement of your own, combine fun colors with uniquely Halloween accents to make a show-stopping conversation piece.

      You don't have to be a craft wizard to make your floral arrangement look good. A dusting of purple or black glitter will make your flowers sparkle, while stretching some inexpensive cobweb material over the bouquet will add a spooky feel. If you really want guests to admire your display, sneak in tiny surprises, such as little spiders crawling in the leaves or bats flying amongst the greenery. As you design your tabletop masterpiece to match your Halloween dinnerware, you will be able to explore fanciful decorating ideas within the confines of a single Halloween decoration, instead of taking a risk on house-wide decor.

      Perhaps you don't want your arrangement to scream Halloween, but you do want to celebrate fall and the change of season. If this is the case, then you will want to stick to basic blooms with fall colors. For the outdoors, plant some mums in red, yellow and orange. Indoors, stick to orange and yellow flowers with fall accents like boughs of wheat and haystacks. If you need to add some Halloween accessories, you can easily place a witch's hat or zombie hand in the garden and call it a day.

      For those who are short on time, pre-made Halloween floral arrangements are just the ticket. Often featuring favorite fall colors, these arrangements come with a twist, a hidden spider here or a broomstick there, just to add some friendly spooks to the occasion. Even a simple fall floral arrangement is easily dressed up with a colorful Halloween vase that lets guests know exactly what holiday you love the most. No matter what type of festive floral arrangement you choose, turn to Sears for beautiful and long-lasting artificial bouquets that last year after year. From holiday themes to simple fall decorations, we have everything you need to decorate your house from foundation to rooftop this Halloween!


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