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      Halloween masks and accessories make your costume unique

      A complete Halloween costume may be the first thing that gets noticed, but the details from accessories, masks and makeup give every ensemble the finishing touches that it needs. With Halloween accessories for the entire family, Sears can help you piece together a costume complete with the props and accessories that you need.

      Accessories and props can be just what you need to complete your costume. Every knight needs a sword, shield, helmet and pair of boots added to their boys' or men's costume. Steampunk costumes require extra gadgets, bells and whistles to thrust them into the age of invention with a science fiction twist. A Halloween accessory like a wig can make all the difference when it comes to portraying a character with a different hairstyle or hair color than you. Your little girl with short, brown hair can still wear an Elsa costume with a blond wig. Your attention to detail in any costume will render it authentic to the character you are trying to portray.

      Halloween masks can add humor or terror to any costume. With gruesome and horrifying masks, you can wear any ragged outfit to become a despicable creature of the night. If you'd rather add a little laughter to your evening, consider popular culture masks featuring political figures and your favorite cartoon characters. If you want to spruce up your Halloween decor, you can use masks stuffed with newspapers to make them stand out. You can find Halloween masks for most ages, but they're best suited for older kids and adults.

      If your little ones are too young for masks, you can use Halloween makeup and body paint to create the look they want. Add the finishing touches to a lion costume with whiskers and a pink nose or turn your little wicked witch in her new girls' Halloween costume green with envy. You can also use makeup to add a unique touch to your own character, whether you're dressing as a vampire or clown.

      The difference between a plain costume and a really amazing one is all in the details. When you have the right Halloween accessories to make your costume pop, you're sure to stand out at any event, party or activity this season. Sears has the Halloween masks, makeup and props to elevate your costume to the next level.


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