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The right Halloween accessories top off any display or costume

When it comes to Halloween, a truly great holiday boils down to the details. From infant Halloween costumes to Halloween bowls, the right accessories can add to the fun and ambience of any get-together by fully immersing you and your guests in the spirit of Halloween. Of course, too many accessories can get overwhelming which is why it is great to pick a few simple items you love and place them carefully around you for the desired effect.

Costume Halloween accessories range from the simple and affordable to the wild and extravagant. After all, every knight needs a sword, but he might also need a shield and a helmet and a great pair of boots. Likewise, the details are great for adult costumes as well. Sure, you can buy a basic kit, but why not add on all the extras? For example, a steampunk costume really requires a lot of extra gadgets, bells and whistles to thrust it to the front of the age of invention. Your attention to detail in any costume will render it authentic to the character you are trying to portray.

Scary Halloween decorations can make all the difference in both indoor and outdoor displays, because they help transform an ordinary home into something out of a spooky film. Animatronic figures light up and startle guests as they walk by, and giant realistic tombstones present an eerie effect for any passerby. Indoors, extra cobwebs and low lighting are small details that add to the creepy effect. Good tablescapes depend on excellent accessories, like hidden details in the flower bouquets and extra creepy critters dangling from the candelabras.

Practical accessories are perhaps the most important type of Halloween accessories; doing without these is as bad as running out of candy during the big rush. First, remember your pumpkin carving kit. Knives, a good scoop and some patterns are essential for crafting the perfect pumpkins. Likewise, you will need a good candle or flameless light to illuminate your pumpkin from within. For trick-or-treating, you will need practical accessories like a bucket or bag for collecting candy. If you are going to be collecting candy on busy streets, then reflector tape is essential to make sure that drivers can see the whole family.

Whether you need accessories to complete your ensemble or cast the perfect mood, Sears can give you a hand with a wide variety of accessories for all your Halloween needs. From candles to tiaras to replica tombstones, we have all the items on your list at a price you can afford, which means you can spend less time shopping and more time getting ready for the big event.


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