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Scare up some frights with great men's Halloween costumes

Halloween is fun, no matter how old you are, which is why it is essential to find the perfect costume each and every year. As a man, you might think your options are limited to superheroes, but there are many more options available. You can choose to dress up as a group, match your kids or even go it alone in wonderful and creative costumes that will make you the conversation starter at any gathering. Think outside the box and pick a costume that is appropriate attire for any Halloween bash.

Costumes for men run the gamut from silly to scary, but if you want to show off your creative skills, a frightening ensemble is your best bet. Get a whole palette of washable face paint and go nuts turning yourself into a "Thriller" zombie or horror flick villain. With prosthetics, you can take it a step further and completely disguise yourself under a new nose or wicked imp ears. Your costume will have to be pretty amazing as well; look for costumes with a lot of details such as jagged edges, layers of color and all the extra accessories to complete the look from head to toe.

If you want to dress up for a more family-friendly occasion, then you might want to stick to the superhero category. If fake muscles and tights aren't really your style, consider dressing up as one of the many superheroes who don't require a cape, such as Hawkeye or Wolverine. Alternatively, you can put your kids in superhero toddler Halloween costumes and match them as a friendly sidekick. Just steer clear of the teen Halloween costumes, which might be a little too young for you to wear.

For the comedian, only a funny costume will do. Usually, this means dressing up like a favorite character from a comedic movie or television series. While you often won't find a complete costume for your favorite character, you should be able to combine several components from other costumes to make the perfect funnyman. Food also makes a funny costume; for some odd reason a man dressed up like a banana or hot dog will get laughs wherever he goes. And of course, don't forget all the costumes that are clever in and of themselves: tacky tourists, party animals and wild morph suits.

To have a truly successful costume, you have to commit to the outfit and go all out, which is why you will need Sears to give you a hand. With a large selection of Halloween costumes and accessories, we have everything you need to get fully decked out in the gear that will transform you into someone else this Halloween. Check out our selection at great prices and stock up on all the essentials to make this the most creative Halloween ever.


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