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      Pet Halloween costumes will look adorable on your cat or dog

      Whether you have a gaggle of kids and pets or a few lovable fur babies, Halloween is a time to get everyone dressed up in costumes. The right pet Halloween costume will keep your dog or cat comfortable whether they're walking around the house or heading out on a leash with you. Sears has the pet Halloween costumes that you want for your furry best friend.

      The right pet costume is all in the details. The most basic pet costumes attach around your pet's collar, like capes that can match your little boy's Halloween costume. You can also find pet capes with bumblebee stripes, superhero logos and grinning pumpkin faces. A shirt designed for your pup or kitten is a standard foundation for pet Halloween costumes. Add accessories like wings or hats to complete the cute look. A towering princess hat or hilarious dog wig will add plenty of charm to their outfit. Little dog socks or cat booties will give your pet toasty warm feet on a chilly Halloween evening, especially if you're taking the kids out trick-or-treating.

      Your furry best friend can also be the perfect sidekick to your child's superhero costume or a unique accessory to your teen's Halloween costume. From pop princesses to grumpy dinosaurs, choose one of the many adorable costumes for pets at Sears. The whole family can even dress as a ship full of pirates or a baseball team. With so many options, you can easily dress your pet to match the kids' costumes.

      Unless your pet is used to wearing costumes and other animal clothes, it may take some time for him to acclimate to the new duds. While many pets happily wear pet clothing, they still want to be comfortable. Look for soft fabrics and straps that don't dig into your pet's skin. When your pet is wearing their costume, keep an eye on items that may be too large; you don't want your cat or dog to get stuck or trip over dangling pieces. Likewise, make sure any headpieces don't obstruct your pet's vision or nose.

      At Sears, you'll find the pet Halloween costumes that you need to get your pet ready for trick-or-treaters. Watch as the neighbors fawn over your cat or dog in their adorable costume and let your furry friend enjoy the attention.


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