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Teen Halloween costumes for all your big events

Looking stylish for Halloween festivities is a top priority, so you'll want to have the hottest costumes this season. Whether you're taking younger siblings trick-or-treating, heading to a friend's costume party or just dressing up for the school day, you'll want a popular costume idea that will impress your friends. At Sears, you're sure to find the right costumes for teenagers that fit your styles and preferences in our vast selection.

Whether you're a bookworm or a movie buff, you can find the costumes that represent your favorite characters from books, movies, TV and comics. This year, you can rock out as characters from Captain America, The Hunger Games, Frozen and more. If you prefer the classics, look for on-trend and sassy Halloween costumes for women and teen girls featuring your favorite fairytale characters like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. Guys will love dressing in Marvel or DC Comics characters, whether or not a new movie has been released.

You might want a frightening teen Halloween costume to scare your friends. You can don horrifying masks or use makeup and realistic face paint kits to gross out friends and family. The key to these costumes is in the right attire like a spooky flowing robe for a grim reaper or torn rags for zombie costumes. Accessories are also key, so make sure to save room in your budget for a rusty faux axe or a shiny scythe. If you want to really take it to the next level for the party you're hosting, you can add Halloween decorations that complement your costume.

For the guys who don't want to look scary, there are plenty of fun options available from geeky superhero outfits to goofy morph suits. If you love to make your friends laugh, you'll want hysterical costumes that have everyone in stitches. Dress like a clown so you can act like one, and you'll be the one having the most fun this Halloween. Add to your costume with unique Halloween makeup that really brings out your character.

You can find the perfect Halloween costume this year. From clever and popular trends to creepy and terrifying styles, you can look and feel fabulous, scary or heroic. At Sears, you'll find the teen Halloween costumes, makeup and accessories that you need to create the perfect costume for any Halloween event.


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