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Get festive with beautiful fall decorations

It's not hard to get in the mood for fall when you have fantastic and inspiring fall decorations filling your home. After you are done putting away all of the Halloween plates and Halloween lights, you might feel a little blue. Unlike Halloween costumes, supplies for fall don't come in bright colors and fanciful designs, but they do come in warm tones that soothe your soul and prepare your for cuddling up by the fire in the coming months.

Depending on your personal decor preferences, you can take a few different routes as you set up your home for the fall. Start by picking out a color scheme; do you want to stick with the traditional reds and oranges of the season or would you rather try something that is hip and modern, like neon versions of those same fall hues? For a traditional look, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding table linens and candles to match, but you may have to look a little bit deeper for some more creative color schemes.

Your decor can range from something every simple, like a few extra candles at the dinner table to extravagant decorating plans that take over the look of your entire house. Perhaps you want to remove all of the paintings from the wall and replace them with impressionistic visions of haystacks in the fall. Alternatively, you might just want to toss a couple of extra throw blankets on the couch for comfort and warmth. Whether you choose some thing grand or something nuanced, the devil is in the details. Don't forget to keep everything coordinated and space your decorations out throughout the house.

Start by greeting your guests with a beautiful fall wreath or a smiling scarecrow on top of a hay bale by the door. If you set the tone before gusts step inside your home, they will already be prepared to enjoy the sights of the season. Greet their senses as they cross the threshold with the smell of apple pie coming from a scented candle. Decorate your entryway with boughs of hay and an assortment of colorful gourds and pumpkins. As you sit down to your meal, enjoy an overflowing cornucopia centerpiece that reminds you of all the blessings of the year and encourages you to prepare for times ahead.

Luxe accents like sparkling pumpkins or glittering napkin rings can bring a sense of splendor to a subdued color scheme, and make great crossover items to help you transition into the holiday season. Whether you are going for something bold and fresh or something with a little country charm, Sears is here to lend you a hand. With a wide variety of decor options that span several departments, we are your one stop shop for everything you need to turn your home into a beautiful fall masterpiece.


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