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    First, you need to decide what size refrigerator you need. What are the dimensions of the space where the refrigerator will go? How much room do you have? How much storage space do you need?

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    Next you need to decide what style and features you want. Do you want the freezer on the top or the bottom? What's your color choice? Do you want an icemaker, water dispenser or adjustable shelves?

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    You'll also need to decide about energy efficiency. How important are energy bill savings? Which refrigerators are more energy efficient? Do you want an Energy Star® qualified model?


  • Storage for large beverage containers

    Storing gallon milk bottles or wine bottles in your refrigerator shouldn't be a hassle. Many refrigerators feature extra-deep door storage and built-in wine racks.

  • Temperature-controlled storage areas

    Freezer burn doesn't have to happen. Many refrigerators feature special climate control features to protect frozen foods.

  • Humidity-controlled crispers

    Who needs wilted lettuce? Many refrigerators come equipped with special humidity-controlled crisper areas to keep vegetables from spoiling.

  • Adjustable shelves

    Refrigerators with slide-out shelves provide easy access to the foods you need most often, as well as quick and easy cleaning.