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When it comes to buying new tires, the first thing you should do is take a look at your existing ones to see what condition they’re in... they may be in fine shape. But if not, the safe, responsible route is to check out new tires appropriate for your auto. Start by checking out:

  • Wear

    Take the penny test to determine how worn your tires are: grab a penny and stick it in your tire’s tread groove. Make sure Mr. Lincoln’s head is upside down and facing you.

    If you can see above his head, it’s time for some new tires.

  • Damage

    If you suspect your tires are damaged, it’s important to have them inspected by a Sears Auto Center professional. Once you determine the full extent of the damage, your Sears Auto Center pro will help you determine if you need new tires.

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Having the right winter tires on your vehicle can increase control, fuel efficiency, and overall traction. They’ re constructed from different compounds and with tread that’ s specially designed for ice, snow, and sleet. Since they’ re more geared for colder climates than all-season tires, you should consider the following before making your choice.