Sears Gift Registry

Top tips
  • Q: What items should I add to my registry?

    A: Look for things you'll need after your event that also fit your style. Almost everything on our site is able to be added to your gift registry. If you need specific suggestions, you can add items to your registry from a wedding starter registry or a wedding starter registry or a baby starter registry. You can also use a wedding, baby, or back to campus checklist to check out the basics that most people need. If you're shopping in-store, visit a Gift Registry associate in the Home Goods or Baby department for assistance.

  • Q: What should I say in my personal message?

    A: This is your space to share details about your registry and your preferences with your guests. Tell them about your style, your room colors or themes, and the products you like. For a baby registry, you might include details about your baby, like "It's a girl!" or "We're having twins!"

  • Q: Where can I get help?

    A: If you're in the store and need assistance at the kiosk or computer, please see a Home Goods or Baby department associate. You can call 800-697-3277 or email for assistance. or email for assistance.

  • Q: Why do I need to provide my email address?

    A: Your email address is your login ID. The email address you use will be assigned as the email contact for the Registrant. Providing an email address lets us send you updates and notifications about your registry. As part of our registry program, you can also opt in to receive promotional emails from Shop Your Way Rewards.

  • Q: What if the store's scanner or kiosk isn't working?

    A: Our customer associates are there to help. Please ask an associate for assistance.

  • Q: What's the registry barcode?

    A: Your registry bar code is a scannable version of your registry ID, which we use to identify your registry. It is used to add items to your list or at the register to update your list when an item is being purchased for you.

  • Q: Is gift wrap an available option?

    A: Yes, guests shopping your registry at can choose gift wrap for eligible items. Please note that there is an extra fee for this service.

  • Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?

    A: Just click the Forgot Password? link at the online login screen. You can also call 800-697-3277 for assistance any time.

  • Q: Do I need a password to access my registry?

    A: Yes, you need a password to log into your registry account.

  • Q: Do my guests need a password?

    A: No, guests don't need a password to view your registry or to make a purchase from your registry.

Manage My Registry
  • Q: How do I add items to my registry?

    A: Items can be added in two ways: online and in store.

    To add items in store, you can use a store-provided scanner to scan barcodes on items throughout the store. Or, with the right app, you can turn your smartphone into a scanner! If you're in the store, you'll need either your registry ID number or a printout of your registry and its bar code. You can print your registry at the kiosk in the Household Goods, Tools, or Baby departments. Bring the printout to an associate to request a scanner. Just scan your registry barcode and then point the scanner at a product's UPC code and the item will be added to your registry. To use your smart phone as a scanner, download the Sears app. Then tap on the menu icon and tap on Gift Center. Tap on Gift Registry and then tap on Go to My Registry. Tap on the magnifying glass icon to open the scanner. To add an item to your registry, scan its UPC code. Then tap on Add to Gift Registry on the product screen.

    To add items online, go to the registry home page and log in to your account. Click Manage your registry in the left navigation, and click the View button next to your registry. Then start shopping. If you're shopping from a starter registry, select the items you want to add to your registry and then click the Add to my registry button. If you're browsing for products, find an item you like and click on it to visit its product detail page. Then click the Add to Registry link underneath the product image and select your registry from the drop down menu.

  • Q: Can we use more than one scanner to add registry items in the store?

    A: No, our system can only access and update your registry through one scanner at a time. For your convenience, our scanners are wireless and record your product selections instantly.

  • Q: What if the scanner says "Item not eligible for gift registry"?

    A: Unfortunately that product can't be added to your registry. However, you can tell your guests about this product in your personal message by describing the item and explaining you weren't able to add it to your list.

  • Q: What if the item I scanned does not show the color or size I selected?

    A: Some seasonal, clearance or clothing items may not display with the color or size you select. To help your friends and family select the exact items you want, use the personal message section to provide more information.

  • Q: How do I delete items from my registry?

    A: You can delete products from your registry online or at the kiosk in the store.

  • Q: I can't find my registry online. What should I do?

    A: If you created a registry but can't find it, please call us at 800-697-3277 or email and we'll be happy to help you. You can also search by registrant or co-registrant first or last names, or simply by registry ID number.

  • Q: How does my registry get updated?

    A: When purchasing in-store, the cashier will need the gift registry printout or the registrant's name and Registry ID to update the registry. Items purchased online will automatically be updated.

  • Q: How long will my registry be active?

    A: Your registry will stay active for 13 months after the event.

Share Your Registry
  • Q: How can I let everyone know where I'm registered?

    A: You can share your registry by inserting our printable Enclosure Cards in your invitations. Click here for printable pdf of Enclosure Cards. A link to the file can also be found in the left navigation bar under Registry Tools. You can pick up enclosure cards at any one of our Sears stores. Visit our Email, Facebook & Twitter section to share your registry online.

  • Q: How do I share my registry on Facebook?

    A: Once you've set up your registry, visit the Manage your registry page and click the Facebook icon next to your registry to post it on Facebook.

Mobile Devices
  • Q: Can I access my registry from my smart phone?

    A: Yes, your registry is accessible from any web-enabled mobile device. Visit to get started.

Store-Only & Seasonal Items
  • Q: How do I add store-only and seasonal items to my registry?

    A: Just login to your registry online and navigate to the Manage your registry page. Then under My registry items, click Add store-only item. From there you'll be able to browse store-only and seasonal items, and add them to your registry.

Record a Purchase
  • Q: One of my guests bought a gift, but forgot to tell the cashier it's for my registry. What should we do?

    A: Your guest should visit the Record a Purchase page and fill in the purchase details. The purchased gifts will be updated on your registry in 24 to 48 hours. Guests can also call us at 800-697-3277 or email and we'll be happy to help you

Shop Your Way Rewards
  • Q: What's Shop Your Way Rewards?

    A: It's our program that lets you earn and redeem points every time you shop with us.

  • Q: Can I earn Shop Your Way Rewards points by shopping a gift registry?

    A: Absolutely! Guests can earn points when they buy gifts off your registry. And after your event you'll earn points when you buy any remaining gifts on your registry. Click here to learn more about Shop Your Way Rewards.

Gift cards are a nice option for gift-givers who are unable to locate a gift that you still need or one in their price range.

To let guests know that you would like to receive gift cards, check the Gift Cards box and click Update Registry.

Guests will see a related message welcoming gift cards on your registry.

First, download and install Adobe Acrobat software via the web if you have not previously installed it. If you have the software,, click ‘Print Registry’ link or icon.

Instead of clicking ‘print,’ in the File Name list, type or select a name for the document.

In the ‘Save As’ function to save as type list, click PDF as the file type.

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