A quick guide to microwave cooking

In today's fast-paced society, it's not always easy to bake a meal from scratch every night. For decades, families have used the microwave to help get dinner on the table just a little bit faster. Whether you are part of a two-income household that just doesn't have the energy to cook after work, or your home is full of family members rushing off to soccer practice or dance rehearsal, cooking dinner in a microwave might be the best option to keep you all happy and fed.

Of course, microwave cooking isn't limited to tasteless TV dinners. You can actually cook traditional meals using your microwave as a tool. The three main uses for a microwave are thawing frozen items, reheating leftovers or cooking entire dishes at once. Depending on what you are trying to do, you will want to keep a few things in mind as you are doing your speed cooking.

When thawing items in the microwave, you want to make sure you do it slowly. Just as you wouldn't thaw your meat in boiling water, so you shouldn't defrost your meat on high power. High power defrosting may not allow your meat to warm up evenly, which means some parts will start cooking before others are even thawed. It is best to use a low power setting or your microwave's pre-programmed defrost settings to make sure you are warming up your food at an appropriate speed. Always keep an eye on things as they are defrosting, to ensure that you get an even warm-up.

Reheating leftovers

Microwaves are probably the most popular way of reheating leftovers because they make things quick and easy. When you are reheating items, it is important to do so in small spurts. Since some parts of your food will heat up quicker than others, you will want to stop and stir every so often to make sure you don't get any hot spots or cold spots in your meal. Plus, pausing every now and then keeps you from overheating your food. While this usually doesn't pose much danger beyond a burnt tongue, overheated food can make quite a mess in your microwave oven.

Microwaves are also great for fully cooking many types of food. From vegetables to pasta to bacon, you can cook an entire meal with just the touch of a button. Many chefs have devoted entire books of recipes to the microwave cuisine because families still want to eat good food; they just want it to cook a little bit faster. You can also buy special microwave cookware designed specifically to help you cook your food items safely and effectively. Again, make sure you pay attention to your heat settings and recipe instructions so you don't overheat your, and always verify meat temperature before eating.

Whether you are looking for some helpful cookbooks or some sturdy microwave cookware, Sears can help you find what you need. Browse our great selection of microwave cooking essentials and come home to a quicker dinner today.

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