Bagged vs. bagless vacuum cleaners: Pros and cons

When shopping for a new vacuum, one of the primary choices you?ll have to make is whether to purchase a bagged or bagless. Some people have natural preferences, just as they do when it comes to an electric vs. gas stove. Each type of vacuum has its pros and cons, though.

Pros of bagless vacuum cleaners

Using cyclonic technology, a bagless vacuum sucks up large pieces of dirt and deposits it into a plastic cup. When the cup is full, the user removes it, dumps the dirt into the trash, washes and dries the cup, and places it back in its original position. Finer particles are captured in a filter. Tests have shown that a bagless vacuum cleaner cleans equally as well as a bagged vacuum. The primary pro when it comes to bagless vacuums is that you don?t have to purchase bags during the lifetime of the machines. It?s easier to find small objects in the clear cup of a bagless, which is good if you constantly find yourself accidentally sucking up items into the vacuum, such as earrings or toys. The best bagless vacuum will include a filter that traps dust and allergens.

Cons of a bagless

It can be quite messy to remove the cup, toss the dirt in the trash and clean the container. In addition, you have to clean the filters regularly. When you can no longer clean them, you have to purchase new ones. So while you don?t have to purchase bags, you do have to purchase filters.

Pros of bagged vacuum cleaners

Those unhappy with bagged vacuum cleaners probably remember the ones of old, which were made of paper. The paper was porous and dust and dirt leaked out. To top it off, if the vacuum had a cloth bag, some of the dust and dirt ended up back in the air. Today?s bags are made of a higher ply paper or, even better, cotton. They keep even microscopic dust and dirt particles in the bag. Years ago, when you removed the bag, there was the possibility of dust leaking out as you took it to the trash. Now bags usually have some type of closure to keep that from happening. Changing a bag in a bagged cleaner is less messy than emptying and then cleaning a dust container for a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Cons of a bagged vacuum cleaner

One of the primary complaints about a bagged vacuum is having to pay for the disposable bags. In addition, as the bag gets full, you lose suction. So if you want the best suction, you have to replace the bag before it?s full, meaning you have to purchase even more bags. Most manufacturers create bags specifically for their brands, so you have to remember and find the brand that works for your vacuum each time you shop. Some manufacturers have come up with reusable bags, but if you have to empty them, then you might as well have a bagless canister vacuum. Bagless vacuums are becoming more popular and work just as well as bagged vacuums. Both have their pros and cons.

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