Big ideas for a small laundry room: washer-dryer combos, clotheslines and organizers

A small laundry room doesn't have to limit you. In fact, it gives you a chance to show your creativity. You just have to think outside the laundry detergent box, so to speak. You can include all the basics by looking at washer-dryer combos. Though you might picture a stackable washer and dryer when you hear those words, a combo washer-dryer is one machine in which you both wash and dry your clothes.

With a washer and dryer combo, you don't have to unload wet clothes and toss them into the dryer. After your clothes have stopped washing, you just push the button to start the drying cycle. You save space in your laundry room by having one machine instead of two. You also save money because you don't have to purchase and maintain two appliances. You have more flexibility about where you install your washer/dryer because the machine doesn't require external ventilation. You just need a water line, power supply and drainage.

Start by looking at washer-dryer combo reviews before you hit the stores or start surfing the Internet. Better yet, ask around and find out what brands and retailers your coworkers, family and friends recommend.

On the line

You need a place to air-dry delicates. Three options work well in small spaces: clotheslines, hanging rods and foldaway racks. When thinking about installing a retractable clothesline or a hanging rod, make sure it can bear the weight of wet clothes. Foldaway racks, on the other hand, come in wood and metal. Some have mesh on the top. You can lay clothes flat on the mesh, which is great for sweaters that stretch if you hang them when they're wet. When you're done, you just fold them accordion-style and put them out of the way. All three systems work well. There's no right or wrong; it's a matter of personal preference.

Light up your life

You'll spend a lot of time in your laundry room. Make sure there's some natural light, if possible. Definitely add overhead and task lighting. If you can, paint the room a bright, cheery color. Looking for a way to make a plain, white room pop? Hang up children's artwork. Don't have kids? Put up a chalkboard or dry erase board so you can scribble down inspirational or funny sayings. You can even double-task by using laundry folding time to brainstorm ideas.

Organize supplies

Hang a shelf to store laundry supplies, such as detergent, bleach and softeners. Purchase a plastic caddy to store stain sticks, dryer sheets and other small items that can get misplaced easily or roll under the washer. Put a spare coffee cup on a shelf to stash items you find when you're fishing through pockets. If you're always finding change, put a piggy bank on the shelf. Plunk those pennies in the piggy, and you'll be surprised how much change you'll collect in a year. Keeping the sewing box on a shelf makes it handy to make minor repairs or replace a button before you do laundry. You can also find thin carts on wheels that you can slide between the machines and the wall. With a washer and dryer combo and a bit of creativity, you can get a lot of laundry done in a little space.

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