35% more run time
Lithium-Ion eXtreme Core Performance


The new Craftsman C3 XCP lithium-ion battery supercharges all C3 power tools. Its 4 amp-hour rating makes XCP the most powerful, longest running, best performing battery from Craftsman. Ever.

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4.0 amp hour, 4x run time


If it can be made, you can build it. If it's broken, you can fix it. It's how you're wired. And since you don't waste time with wimpy tools, it's time to step up to Craftsman C3.

The Craftsman C3 lineup features over 30 different powerful tools with the juice to work as hard as you.

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new xcp 1/2 in heavy duty drill/driver solo with xcp


Don't let gas cans and extension cords hold you back from having the best-looking landscaping on the block. Craftsman C3 Lawn & Garden cordless power tools make yard work a breeze.

Plus, Craftsman C3 batteries recharge in just 1 hour or less. So the longest chore you'll have is crossing things off your honey-do list.

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You do things your way. And that includes how you build your power tool collection. That's why Craftsman offers a full line of C3 Add-On tools.

Since you don't have to pay for a new battery and charger with C3 Add-On tools, they're easy on your wallet, too. Just great power tools at great prices. Win and win.

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3 Powerful Choices, 1 Powerful System

Solid Performance
New Lithium-ion
High Performance
XCP Lithium-ion
New XCP Lithium-ion
Maximum Performance
XCP Lithium-ion
*Maximum performance based on typical use and operating conditions **As compared to Ni-Cd torque performance
XCP Lithium-ion Maximum performance
Craftsman C3 XCP batteries feature industry leading run time and extreme weather performance. Dual fuel gauges and tough rubber overmold mean these batteries ready for extreme work conditions. Plus, the increased XCP power output means that the sweat in your eyes is probably a tear of joy. But we won't tell anybody - we feel the same way.
Lithium-ion High performance
C3 lithium-ion batteries work smarter and harder. These C3 batteries are lighter weight than traditional Ni-Cd batteries and hold charges for up to 4x longer. Plus, they can be recharged 3x as many times, making them the longer lasting all-around option.
Ni-Cd solid performance
The C3 Ni-Cd battery packs a punch at a budget-friendly price. Capable of powering the entire C3 line, these Ni-Cd batteries offers awesome great bang-for-the-buck performance. With recharges in 1-hour or less, Craftsman C3 Ni-Cd batteries keep you moving.

C3 power tools

Drills, Drivers, Saws, Sanding & Grinding and Kits

Drilling &
Driving Kits
Craftsman C3 Tip:
Both impact drivers and drill drivers deserve a spot in your tool box. With the variable torque settings, drill drivers excel at drilling holes and driving screws. Impact drivers are capable of producing more torque for driving large screws, boring big holes, and tightening nuts.