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  • Q. Is there a backstory or explanation for the collections you have?
  • A. Each collection gives each and every girl a moment to discover which type of bride she is meant to be. This special moment begins not when a girl walks down the aisle, but the minute she says yes to her special someone.
  • Q. Why have you created four different collections?
  • A. I chose four collections that are unique and stunning that will help each girl define who they are as a bride. I want my girls to not feel overwhelmed by an abundance of collections, so I tried to simplify this process to create the best and most exquisite four.
  • Q. Why the names for these four?
  • A. The collections are Radiance, Eternal, Heirloom, and Legacy. Each collection is named for a specific reason that embodies all the character and personality of the bride who chooses it. Each collection stands for something unique.

    Eternal - Cherish your bright future.
    Heirloom - Your love makes history.
    Legacy - The love story continues.
    Radiance - All eyes on you.
  • Q. How do you choose the right ring?
  • A. I believe that a bride personality should be reflected in her wedding jewelry. Your engagement ring and wedding bands should tell the story and reflect the personality of who you are as a bride.
  • Q. How do you pick the perfect bridesmaid dress that everyone can agree on?
  • A. Often, the best option is to choose a boutique that offers several gowns within the same color and fabric choices, and allow your bridesmaids to select the cut and fit that suits them best. This will also create more interest in your photos, and a more modern bridal party fashion statement.
  • Q. What is the best way to include a Man of Honor in my wedding?
  • A. He could take on any of the traditional Maid of Honor responsibilities; from hosting pre-wedding celebrations to being your shadow and biggest helper on your wedding day, to delivering the very special speech. Select accessories; cufflinks, vest, cumberbund, tie, bowtie and so on that will coordinate his suit or tux with the colors and styles that the other bridesmaids are wearing and set him apart from the groomsmen.
  • Q. What type of shoe would you suggest for a beach wedding?
  • A. I have planned many beach weddings, and sinking sand does pose a problem in terms of fashionable wedding footwear. I would actually suggest going barefoot for your walk down the aisle as any shoes will not only sink, but wobble and potentially rub sand against your skin – making them too risky!
  • Q. Do you feel wedding favors are necessary and what are some of your favorite favor trends?
  • A. I feel that a well-selected and personalized favor is a wonderful way to not only thank your guests, but also to send them home with a reminder of your wedding. Slices of wedding cake that are beautifully boxed are a great way to send guests home with “Sweet Dreams” and also makes sure that none of your fabulous cake goes to waste! The key really is to give something that is both thoughtful and unique!
  • Q. What do you suggest brides put on top of their cakes?
  • A. My opposition to cake toppers still stands if the design is mass-produced, generic or tacky, but if you select a topper that enhances your cake, or adds personality to your overall wedding story...then I absolutely approve!!!
  • Q. How far in advance should I send out wedding invitations?
  • A. Generally, I recommend sending wedding invitations out anywhere from 3-4 months out, making sure to give guests a full month to respond before your wedding date. Leaving this much time is especially important when you are planning a destination wedding where guests will need to make travel arrangements, or when your wedding date falls on a holiday weekend where guests may typically make other plans.
  • Q. How can you let your guests know that kids are not allowed at the wedding?
  • A. On the inner envelope, you are able to list exactly who is invited to the wedding. If you prefer no kids, you’ll simply write out their parents names. Also, it helps if you have your bridal party and groomsmen spread the word discreetly.
  • Q. Is there anything wrong with a second-time bride wearing white?
  • A. This is your day and if you want to wear white, there’s nothing stopping you! Go for it! I believe that the bride wearing white is a wonderful tradition and regardless if you've been married once, twice, or eight times (hello Elizabeth Taylor!), your dress should represent your bridal ideal.
  • Q. Are charger plates necessary?
  • A. Definitely not necessary but lovely and appreciated when you do! If you're focused on cutting costs, this is a simple yet subtle way to do so.
  • Q. What’s the best budgeting option to allow cut-back on florals?
  • A. Decide on the space where you most specifically want florals. Do you think they’re more crucial to your reception centerpieces as opposed to your ceremony décor? So many venues for ceremonies have enough décor that a mass amount of flowers isn’t really necessary.