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Traditional Collectionthere's a way to capture the spirit of the season Carnival Collectionthere's a way to feel like a kid all over again Country Holiday Collectionthere's a way to enjoy the old-fashioned way of life Vail Village Collectionthere's a way to make your house glow inside out

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Lemax Christmas Collection There's a way to find joy. A twinkle here. A sparkle there. With the 2013 Lemax Christmas Collection, you can create holiday magic wherever you choose. Discover everything from whimsical figurines, to quaint storefronts and enchanting snow-covered chalets. Plus, find spirited games of the midway or festive accents to enhance your design. Add pieces to your treasured collection or start a new one. Then decorate and arrange to your heart's content.

we have everything you need to make your holidays bright