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Look Great and Feel Good in a New Outfit from the Sears Men's Fashion Collection

Putting on a great fitting, good-looking outfit in the morning is the best way to project confidence all day long. When your clothes fit right and look good, you know it and everyone around you knows it. Sears has an amazing selection of classic men's fashion to keep you looking your best. Whether tall or not so tall, young or young at heart, Sears has the right clothes for every guy. From office attire to athletic clothes to workwear for the toughest jobs, Sears offers top brands of men's clothing at the best prices.

Office wear doesn't have to be boring anymore. Walk into your workplace feeling as good as you look with Sears' men's professional attire. For a classic look, it's easy to put together a complete outfit with a white, Covington classic fit Oxford button-down shirt, pleated dress slacks, and Giorgio Baccini leather dress shoes. In an office that's a little more casual, pair a Dockers short sleeve dress shirt or Arrow Cool Cotton polo with Covington flat front dress pants. It's a great combination that's both casual and versatile. Looking to climb the corporate ladder? Dress up for the job you want with Structure silk ties in stripes, panel prints and geometric patterns, plus many more!

On the other hand, if you have the kind of job where you get your hands dirty, Sears has tough and dependable work clothes to get you through the roughest shifts. When deadlines are looming and the job's heating up, you can depend on Carhartt workwear to see you through. Jobs with high heat hazards like pouring steel in a foundry or spot welding girders 20 stories up require Carhartt flame resistant duck bib overalls to keep sparks and hot debris out of your clothes and away from your skin. If you're working on an outdoor construction site in chilly conditions, the Carhartt Duck active thermal jacket keeps you warm while you lay brick or pour concrete. If you're constantly going from job sites to client meetings, it's hard to beat the professional look and durable versatility of Dickies 874 khaki work pants which are great for the office, garage or warehouse.

When the job's done and you're headed out for the weekend, it's hard to beat a pair of jeans for a comfortable, casual look. Sears has jeans from great brands like Dickies, Levi's and more! When picking out a pair of jeans, it's important to match cut with body type. With their roomy waist and generous cut, Levi's relaxed fit jeans are a great choice for bigger guys. The wider leg of relaxed fit jeans can visually shorten the legs, too, which balances out the overall look of taller men. Thinner men can rock a hip, modern look in a pair of Structure slim fit jeans. And whether you're short or tall, boot cut jeans look great on just about everyone.