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Find a lawn mower that fits your needs with the Sears mower finder

Because there are so many different varieties of lawn mower, it's important to select the one that's right for your property type. With our handy mower finder, Sears makes it easy for any home or business owner to find a lawn mower. Simply select the displayed options which apply to your intended use of the mower, and you'll be taken to the right mower for the job.

The most important consideration is the size of the yard you have to mow. Trying to mow a large property with too small a mower can take long, tiring hours and consume lots of costly fuel. Those who have a large property to take care of can take advantage of the power and wide mowing swathe of a commercial mower. These commercial units make it easy to clean up a soccer field, baseball diamond or corporate lawn in no time flat. Not only are they fast, commercial mowers are also precise; the Stanley 36 in. Commercial Duty Dual Hydro Mower can adjust its cutting height in small increments of 0.5 inches at a time, allowing you to exactly satisfy a client's needs. Some commercial mowers such as the DEK 36 In. 389 cc Commercial Duty Hydro are even built with a hydrostatic drive which offers top-notch maneuverability and precisely variable speed control.

The size of your lawn will also determine whether or not you want a corded mower. Corded electric mowers like the Black & Decker MM1800 12 Amp 18-in 3-in-1 model are limited by the length of your extension cord so they are best for small yards, but this is offset by many advantages. They are the most affordable type of powered motor on the market, and their lightweight yet durable plastic construction makes them easy to use. They start with an easy push of a button instead of the pull of a cord, and as long as the extension cord is plugged in you won't have to worry about changing batteries or topping off the gas.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of trailing a cord, a cordless electric mower like the Earthwise 60220 20-Inch 24 Volt Side Discharge model may be a good choice. These units plug into a wall socket to recharge, leaving them ready for use whenever you need them. There's no possibility of running over a cord with these models, and the electric motor is cleaner and greener than a gasoline-powered push mower.

Whether you're considering a large electric mower, a gas- or electric-powered home mower or even a simple manual reel mower, the Sears mower finder can help you narrow down your options. Shop Sears and get mowing today.