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Patio Sets

You love to enjoy the summer weather and relax outdoors with friends and family, and Sears can offer you the perfect backyard solutions. With rich designs and luxurious comfort, our patio sets offer a stylish place to relax or entertain. These collections of outdoor furniture are great for the backyard, deck, poolside or even a small urban patio — the possibilities are endless.

Patio Good, Better, Best Guide

FeatureKnow Your Choices*
Seating SurfaceSling Cushion
Table SurfaceGlass Tile Faux Stone Cast Aluminum Natural Stone
Table Layout2" Tile Large Oversize Tile Cast Aluminum with Granite Inserts Solid Surface Faux Texture
ChairsStationary Swivel Hidden Rocker C-Spring Rock Swivel Rock
Chair ConstructionExtruded (hollow) Aluminum or Steel Cast Aluminum (solid) Detail Story Back (cast aluminum detail on chair back)
FinishSingle-Step Powder Coat Multi-Step with Fleck Detail Multi-Step with Rubbed Edge Detail

Arrows indicate trade-up.

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Cushions – Cushions offer comfort and value and are constructed of durable woven fabrics that may be reversible for alternate looks. The all-weather fabrics used in Sears patio sets are UV-protected so they'll maintain their colors, and they're easy to clean.

Sling – Sling is low maintenance and airy on hot days. It's durable, long lasting, easy to clean and UV-protected to maintain colors.

Tempered-Glass Tabletops – These are carefully selected to maximize design and hide table construction. Tempered glass is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass. It's even safer in pool yards.

Ceramic Tile Tabletops – Ceramic tile is scratch resistant and more durable than glass. Oversized tiles provide a more luxurious feel.

Faux Stone Tabletops – These tabletops are durable and weather resistant.

Cast Aluminum Tabletops – Made of rust-free aluminum, this is the most decorative tabletop style.

Steel Frames – Steel frames are covered with powdercoated paint, which is resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing so they'll maintain a clean, new appearance.

Wrought-Iron Frames – These frames are also covered with powder-coated paint, which will help them stay looking new.

Aluminum Frames – Aluminum frames are resistant to rust, are covered with powder-coated paint and carry the longest warranty.

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Do you still have questions? Look below for answers to common questions and a few tips that will help you create and outdoor space that it just right.

Q. What size is your patio/deck/balcony/porch?

Small Spaces – Small spaces need sets with small footprints, such as bistro sets.

Medium Spaces – Medium patios have a larger usable area than balconies, but space limitations still need to be considered. Five-piece dining sets, gathering height and bar sets are ideal for the spaces.

Large Patios (10' x 12' or Larger) – Large patios are idea for dining sets that seat six or more.

Even Larger Spaces – Think collections, you can also add coordinating seating, dining and high dining sets for additional seating.

Q. How will you use your patio space?

Relaxation – Sea ting and conversation groups create an intimate atmosphere for enjoying the outdoors together

Entertainment – A bar, high dining, or dining set will make it easy to entertain guests.

Q. How would you like to extend your patio season?

All-Weather Resin Wicker – This style of patio furniture is beautiful indoors and tough enough for outdoor use.

Weather-Resistant Cushions – These are necessary to protect against rain, sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Gazebos and Offset Umbrellas – These provide a covered space to shelter patio seats and help extend the patio season.

Sling Dining Sets – These sets are easy to clean, so they'll last for seasons to come.

Q. What type of entertaining do you do?

Family – Gazebos and offset umbrellas protect against the rain and the sun, creating a sheltered outdoor area to help extend the season.

Parties – For large gatherings, a screen house creates a large, enclosed area with a roof to shield against rain and the sun, as well as screen mesh sides to keep insects out and cool breezes in.

Q. Where do you entertain outdoors?

Small Backyard – All dining sets have a matching umbrella available, making them perfect for shielding the sun during backyard gatherings. Don't forget an umbrella base as well; this is essential for keeping the umbrella in place.

Large Backyard – Gazebos and pergolas come in a variety of sizes to match customer needs during backyard gatherings.

Patio/Deck – Do you need the additional storage and beverage station that a bar will provide.

Q. How do I choose my style?

Country style denotes designs that exude comfort and coziness

  • Subcategories: Farmhouse, American country, French country and Shaker
  • Distressed painted finishes with rounded cushions, floral prints, bold stripes, and plaid fabrics
  • Accent items include quilts, braided rugs, and folk art

Traditional style denotes designs and reproductions produced prior to 1940

  • Subcategories: Biedermeier, Chippendale, French Empire and Sheraton
  • Formal, symmetric designs, graceful carved curves, dark polished finishes, rich, mellow colors, and patterned fabrics
  • Accent items include wing back chairs, topiaries, Oriental carpets and vases

Eclectic style combines design elements from several style classifications

  • Subcategories: global and regional, coastal, southwest, Mediterranean, African and Asian
  • Your environment reflects unique personal interests and experiences with textured fabric combines styles and periods with complimentary colors
  • Subcategories: soft modern, hard edge modern, Bauhaus and Danish modern
  • Focus is on function and encompasses all things simple, streamlined, and sleek

Modern style denotes designs and reproductions produced after 1940

  • Subcategories: soft modern, hard edge modern, Bauhaus and Danish modern
  • Focus is on function and encompasses all things simple, streamlined, and sleek
  • Refreshing and uncomplicated, simplified shapes
  • Metal and glass materials, bold colors, sharp lines, minimalist patterns
  • Accent items include large-scale accessories and art pieces

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