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Blizzard Essentials

SNOW CRAZY. If a blizzard's coming, you're going to have a lot of snow to handle. Start shoveling early, before the snow gets too heavy. Use a shovel for short paths and a snow blower for larger areas (or if you have a bad back). And remember to rest frequently and stay hydrated.

KEEP POWERED. In any storm, there's a chance the power might go out. Be ready with a generator or back-up batteries for all your must-have devices.

Stay Warm & Comfortable

TOASTY INSIDE & OUT. Heading out? Layer-up! Don't forget to pay extra attention to your feet, head & hands. If you're staying in, heaters and humidifiers can make your snow day feel more like a day at the beach.

Indoor Entertainment

HAVE A LITTLE FUN. You know what they say,
time flies when you're having fun. Be ready with a
few activities and the storm will pass in no time.

games and crafts with your family, even if the
power's out.

how to shovel

  1. Use your legs, not your back.

  2. Keep one hand close to the shovel blade.

  3. Throw the snow without twisting.

what to pack in
an emergency kit

  1. Toiletries.

  2. Utility knife.

  3. First aid supplies.

  4. Change of clothes.

  5. Non-perishable food & water.

top 5 things to do
with kids in a storm

  1. Build a giant fort.

  2. Make an art project.

  3. Write and draw a story.

  4. Create a scavenger hunt around the house.

  5. Play a word, rhyme or memory game (no batteries required!).