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Premium heavy-duty tool storage Heavyweight Champ

This bruiser packs knock-out capacity that’s built to go the distance. It’s the right choice when big and tough just aren’t big and tough enough.
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Heavy-duty tool storage: bring it on

I-Frame® construction reinforces the walls of our heavy-duty system like the I-Beams in a skyscraper. It’ll take whatever you can throw at it, on it, or in it.
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Standard-duty tool storage: serious steel

Big or small, our entire standard-duty lineup’s crafted with all-steel construction. Whatever the budget, a craftsman should never have to settle for less.
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Standard Duty Heavy- Duty Premium Heavy-Duty
Drawer Slide Type Ball-Bearing Ball-Bearing Ball-Bearing
Drawer Capacity 30 lbs. 75 lbs. 100 lbs.
Drawer Latching Push-In Detent Push-In Detent GRIPLATCH®
Drawer Performance Standard DynaGlide DynaGlide
Drawer Trim Standard Enlarged (most models) Anodized, Enlarged
Construction Single-Wall Steel I-Frame® Steel I-Frame® Steel
Overall Load Rating 300 or 500 lbs. 650 lbs. 1,200 lbs.
Caster Size 3x1 in. or 4x2 in. 4.5x1.5 in. 5x2 in.
Locking System External Bars Internal Flat Keyed Internal Tubular Keyed
Cover Supports Cover Stay Gas Struts or Cover Stay Gas Struts
Chest Handles Recessed Plastic Recessed Aluminum Chrome Bail
Cabinet Handles None Painted Tubular Chrome Tubular
Warranty 3-Year Limited 6-Year Limited Lifetime Limited
Finish Red or Black Red/Black or Black Black or Stainless Steel

Technology That Works For You


The DynaGlide drawers on our heavy-duty & premium heavy-duty lineups use precision ball bearings for smooth drawer pulls every time.

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Our GRIPLATCH system keeps the drawers you want shut, shut. You’ll find it on our premium heavy-duty lineup.

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