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The complete Lands' End collection is now on Sears

You love shopping at Sears, and the quality of clothing and accessories that you find from Lands' End can't be beat. Now, you can shop for the full Lands' End assortment at Sears. We make it easier for you to shop for the products you love from the brands you trust. With Lands' End clothing, you know that you'll be investing in high-quality, durable clothing designed to last a lifetime.

When you're shopping for women's clothing, you want to find stylish trends that look and feel great, no matter your size. Lands' End carries clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. With a huge petite selection of clothing and accessories, your small frame will look fabulous every day. You'll find a selection of ensemble choices with classic and trendy styles, so that you can create your own unique wardrobe that includes the season's hottest styles. If you have a larger frame, look for our vast collection of Lands' End clothing in plus sizes. Full coverage bathing suits, fashionable tops, beautiful dresses and more are available to minimize and accentuate your assets. Standard sizes are also available for women in dress sizes up to 18.

Men's clothing is often simple and classic. The styles from Lands' End will keep you looking handsome and chic, without trying too hard. From casual button-down shirts and jeans to jackets and dress pants, you'll find everything that you need for every occasion. You'll love the simplicity and style that Lands' End has to offer. With the full line of Lands' End clothes for men available at Sears, you can easily make it your one-stop-shop for all of your clothing needs. You can even find socks, underwear, belts and other accessories to make your shopping easier.

For kids, you can find a great selection of everything they need for every season. If they have to wear uniforms to school, you can stock up on the styles that they love in a variety of colors to fit the school requirements. From polo shirts and slacks to swimwear and sweat pants, there's no greater back-to-school uniform selection. Of course, not all kids require school uniforms, and to that end, you'll find trendy clothing for girls and boys designed to stand out and last. The durable kids' clothing available from Lands' End will survive even the toughest day on the playground.

Shopping for home goods from Lands' End will bring a stylish and elegant look to your home. At Sears, you can find all of the items you need to decorate the interior and exterior of your home, from outdoor furnishings to indoor linens and bedding essentials. The Lands' End name is synonymous with class and style; your home is sure to look chic with the selection of home decor and seasonal accents available at Sears.

Instead of a small sampling of Lands' End products, Sears now offers the entire collection. You'll be able to shop for everything from back-to-school clothes for the kids to home goods. Above all else, Lands' End offers quality. Every article of clothing, accessory and home accent has been created to stand the test of time. No other retailer carries the full line of these products. Shop at Sears today for the best selection of Lands' End items. You can find everything that you need and more.