18x24 Wood Picture Frames

Preserve your memories in an 18x24 frame

A photograph or poster can create a magnificent focal point in any room of your home with the right accessories. Instead of taping that poster to the wall or using a magnet to mount a family photo on your fridge, present them in classic and stylish frames that make a statement. When you're looking for elegant picture frame sets for your wall to hang a favorite wedding portrait or prize poster, consider one of these stunning 18x24 frames from Sears.

Your teenager may want to line his or her room with a collection of posters, but that vintage rock poster deserves to be swathed in style. Consider a distressed 18x24 poster frame or a 22x28 wood picture frame to make the poster stand out in your man cave or rec room. Breathtaking photography posters from around the world can brighten a drab office with matching frames, and memorable souvenir posters will transition from touristy to chic in unique 18x24 picture frames.

Capturing and displaying the biggest moments in time, from your first kiss as man and wife to your daughter's first birthday, can make for incredibly personal and beautiful decorative accents. Create a growing family timeline of photography with matching frames in your hallway or stairwell. You could even enlarge vintage photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents for a timeless sophistication that's sure to impress. At Sears, you'll find the 18x24 wood picture frames that will complement your most precious memories and leave guests breathless.

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