Girls 20-inch Bikes

Enjoy any adventure with a girls' 20-inch bike from Sears

A bicycle always makes a memorable birthday present or holiday gift for your preteen. As she grows, it's important her new bike fits her age and height. Sears carries a wide selection of 20-inch girl's bicycles suited for tall girls ranging from ages 7-10. Choose from all types of girl's 20-inch bikes so she can enjoy anything from fun off-road adventures to short rides around the block.

When your little lady grows out of her 16 or 12-inch girl's bicycle, it's important to find a new bike that is comfortable. Typically, girls with inseams between 20-25 inches require 20-inch wheels. Girl's 20-inch bikes are available in various types, ranging from mountain to standard cruiser bicycles. If she loves to do bunny hops and 180s, a girl's 20-inch BMX bike is made with sturdy pegs and frames so she can safely perform any motorcross trick.

Safety is always a key factor when selecting a new bike. You'll find 20-inch girl's bicycles built with durable brakes, frames and handles to ensure a safe ride. Once you choose the right bike, make sure your child has the proper kid's bike helmet and pads to avoid injuries or scrapes when she's riding. From casual rides to off-road treks, Sears has girl's 20-inch bikes for her to enjoy.

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