Attached Waterbed Sheets

Rest comfortably under attached waterbed sheets from Sears

A waterbed not only has a unique mattress to sprawl out on, but it also provides individualized support by shaping specifically to your body type. Unfortunately, shopping for proper bedding can sometimes be very difficult. Most waterbeds require fitted sheets that fit snugly around the mattress so they don't bunch up and create an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Fortunately, Sears has a large selection of attached waterbed sheets that are comfortable and protect your mattress. Choose from attached and super-single waterbed sheets designed for any size mattress.

Like any mattress, it's important your waterbed has attached waterbed sheets that fit perfectly. You'll find all types super-single waterbed sheets to fit on anything from a twin or full size waterbed mattress to a king or queen size waterbed mattress. No matter what size mattress you own, the sheets should always be comfortable. Each set of attached waterbed sheets is available in soft materials like cotton and micro-fleece so you can stay cozy even on those chilly nights in bed.

While you're selecting super-single waterbed sheets, remember to find a set that matches your comforter, standard pillow cases and other bedding. You'll find sheets in a wide variety of vibrant colors or soft tones to suit your style. Whether they're for the master bedroom or guest room, Sears carries attached waterbed sheets to keep any sleeper comfortable all night.

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