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Cozy up under battery powered electric blankets

When the winter winds are howling, curling up under a favorite battery powered electric blanket will make you forget about the snow falling outside. Sears has a broad selection of sizes, colors and styles of electric blankets. Electric throw blankets are great to put on the back of the sofa and snuggle under while watching movies, while twin size electric blankets are great for little ones.

Electric blankets come in sizes from twin to king. Using battery powered electric blankets at night is an easy way to lower electricity cost. You can reduce the temperature of your thermostat and still stay warm under the blanket. You can find a style that matches the rest of your bedding and bedroom decor. There are electric blankets in solid colors for a classic look or brilliant patterns to add a splash of color and fun to the room.

Many new models of battery powered electric blankets are now machine washable. Therefore, if you spill soda after jumping during a scary movie, you can toss the blanket without worry. Sears has cozy twin size electric blankets to king size and anything in between. Get these blankets and enjoy extra warmth during cold nights.