Corelle Dinnerware Set

Eat in style with Corelle dinnerware sets

The days of eating off tired plates you got from your parents are gone. With a brilliant Corelle dinnerware set, your dishes will look as good as the food that's on it. There are plates with bright colors and designs to give a modern look to any kitchen table. You can also find retro patterns that harken back to an old diner. Get the dishes you want to add some style to your dinner table.

There are two shapes to choose from when you're shopping for dinnerware. Circular Corelle dishes are the standard shape. However, if you're looking to go more modern, Sears carries square Corelle dinner sets. The unique shapes paired with minimalist designs create an attractive contemporary aesthetic. Shop for some new flatware to lie next to your new dishes and have a table that has a cohesive look.

Corelle dinnerware sets are sturdy and will be able to handle meal after meal. These dish sets are dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a breeze. There are countless designs, colors and styles from which to choose when you shop at Sears. Find the Corelle dishes that will suit your style and start dining on dishes that reflect your personality.

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