Day and Date Clocks

Keep track of your day-to-day activities with a day and date clock

Sometimes, it's not enough to solely know the time; seeing the date can help you keep track of items on your calendar and things that need to get checked off your to-do list. With a day and date clock, you can wake up each morning with a simple reminder of the date. At Sears, you'll find a huge selection of clocks with the day and date display for the most convenient way to remember the date. You may even find an projection alarm clock that offers both the time and date for you convenience.

When you first wake up, it can be difficult to remember what day of the week it is or even the date. With a clock that has the date on it, you'll wake up ready to face the day and everything that comes your way. Of course, a clock with the day and date may be more beneficial at your office. When it comes to keeping track of meetings, lunch dates and project deadlines, a quick glance at the day and date clock by your computer desk can help plan out your day.

You'll love the easy access to the date and time when you have a clock that displays both. You can find these clocks in a variety of sizes and styles to fit on your nightstand, desk, cubicle or kitchen counter. Whether you're at home or work, Sears can help you find the clocks you need to accommodate any location.

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