Drill Press Vises


Work smarter, not harder with drill press vises

When it comes to working on a Craftsman drill press, you want to create precise holes at the correct angles and can benefit from something more than a steady hand. Simplify your wood and metal work with a drill press vise that holds your materials in place as you drill. With a drill press vises, your hands can stay at a safer distance from the drill than they would without a vise to keep your materials in place. At Sears, you can find a variety of drill vises in varying sizes and models in order to suit your project needs.

Not only can these drill vises help make it easier and safer to use your drill press, but also it can help improve accuracy and quality. With a solid drill press vise, you can avoid accidentally moving the wood or metal piece that you're working with in order to drill holes in the exact spot you've carefully measured out. For the best selection of drill press vises and other drilling accessories to help you with every project, look to Sears.

Whether you're working in the garage with the warmth of your garage heater or in an air conditioned shop in the summer, a drill press vise can help you efficiently complete all of your drilling projects. You'll revel in the precision a drill vise offers while you design, build or reinforce materials. Shop the tools and equipment you need for every project at Sears.