Girls Footed Pajamas


Keep your little one cozy in girls' footed pajamas

A good night's sleep can help your little gal stay focused and energized. A comfy mattress and warm bedding not all that's needed for a good night's rest; she also requires the right pajamas to get through the night. Sears carries girls' footed pajamas so your child can stay toasty while she sleeps. You'll find a large selection of girls' footie pajamas for all ages, ranging from infants to juniors.

Whether she's tucked away in her bed or lounging on a love seat sofa bed in the living room, it's important that your little lady is cozy. Girls' one-piece pajamas are ideal for keeping her comfortable from neck to toe. Choose from a wide variety of footed pajamas made from soft materials like fleece, cotton and polyester. These types of fabric feel relaxing but also keep her snug on a chilly night.

Just like most of the clothes in her wardrobe, having girls' footie pajamas that suit her taste are a must. Select one-piece PJs in a wide array of colors to match all your daughter's t-shirts, robes and other sleepwear. You'll also find designs with cartoon characters and princesses, which are perfect for any birthday or Christmas gift. No matter the occasion, Sears has girls' footed pajamas just right for her.