Highboy TV Stand

Display your flat screen television on a highboy TV stand

When you're shopping for a TV stand, you want something durable, strong and stylish. Whether you're decking out your family room, or looking for a stand to place your new 50-inch smart TV, Sears has a variety of highboy TV stands to fit your room decor and personal style.

Tall TV stands can raise the height of your TV so little hands can't accidentally touch the buttons, screen or other parts of your television. They also make it easier for people to view the television from further seating in your family room. During large gatherings, guests can watch TV easily over people sitting on the couch. Highboy TV stands can even be beneficial for a smaller TV in your bedroom. You can watch your favorite shows from the comfort of your bed with ease. Wherever you're watching television, you can find the perfect stand at Sears to display your flat screen.

If you can't mount your flat screen TV on the wall, consider a highboy TV stand that will allow you to elevate your TV higher than with a typical TV stand. You won't have to drill holes in the wall, and you'll have a TV stand that's high enough from kids and make viewing easier. Some models will even have additional shelving to store your home stereo system and CD player. When you need a piece of furniture to hold your TV, you can rest assured that Sears has a huge selection of tall TV stands to accommodate any home.