Indoor Outdoor Wireless Thermometers

Keep a close watch on inside and outside temperatures with wireless thermometers

If you've ever zipped into your winter coat, hat and gloves in the morning, only to find that it feels more like spring has arrived early, you know that dressing for the wrong weather can be a real hassle. Avoid taking extra minutes to change when you're trying to get out of the door in the morning by keeping an eye on the temperature with a new indoor outdoor thermometer from Sears.

Our indoor outdoor thermometers are easy to install. Simply mount the exterior sensor unit on an outside wall, and place the interior display unit anywhere inside where it will be easy for you to check the temperature each day. Putting the display unit right by your thermostat or on top of your bedroom dresser is a good idea, since you can then easily check the temperature and humidity while getting dressed. There's no need mess with wires or installation procedures; just mount both parts of the wireless thermometer system within broadcast range of one another for reliable results.

These outdoor indoor thermometers can also help you save on heating and cooling bills. With a wireless thermometer, you can tell at a glance the difference between outside and inside temperatures. This can help you decide if you need to turn down the air conditioner on a cooler summer day, or ease up on the heat during a warm and sunny winter day. Install a new wireless thermometer from Sears today and you won't be caught out unexpectedly in the summer heat or winter cold.

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