Large Countertop Convection Oven

Prepare your meal with a large countertop convection oven

Whether you're prepping for a large dinner party or small family meal, you need top-of-the-line appliances to get the job done. When your main oven is being used to cook your entree, a countertop convection oven comes in handy to brown and warm your side dishes quickly. Sears carries large countertop convection ovens that can prepare almost any dish or dessert. Choose from a wide selection of large or commercial countertop convection ovens that blend seamlessly with your other kitchen appliances.

Convection cooking spreads heat evenly, allowing your food to cook faster and maintain its flavor better than it would with conventional heat. A countertop convection oven provides the same function that a regular convection range or wall oven would, but it has a compact form factor similar to a microwave. Some models are available in large or commercial sizes so you can bake anything from family size frozen pizzas to large steaks. In fact, an extra-large countertop convection oven can typically accommodate a whole rotisserie chicken. These large prototypes not only help you make a meal faster, but they also can defrost a large roast in a jiffy.

Like any appliance, it's important that your large countertop convection oven matches the rest of your kitchen. You'll find commercial countertop convection ovens in a wide variety of colors to blend with anything from stainless steel microwave ovens to black or white refrigerators. Whether you're cooking up side dishes or entrees, Sears has large countertop convection ovens for your kitchen.