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Keep your keys together with a new leather key case

If you use more than a few keys on a daily basis, your already know that a key ring is not the best way to carry your keys. It's all too easy to get your car, house, office and mailbox keys mixed up when they're all on the same ring. Not to mention, the sharp metal edges on most keys will quickly wear a hole in your pocket linings if they're moving around unsecured. Avoid losing keys off your key ring or from a hold in your pocket with a new leather key case from Sears.

Our leather key pouches and cases come in a variety of styles and configurations so you can pick the one that works best for you. If you're already carrying around pockets full of stuff, you want your key holder to be as small as possible. A slim zippered key case slips neatly into your pocket next to your wallet and takes up minimal space. Most models come with a row of internal hooks for attaching your keys, as well as small side pockets for storing a few miscellaneous items.

Another way to save space is to combine your wallet and your keys. Sears offer combination leather key wallets which have all the storage capacity of a regular wallet with the added benefit of a key case attached. These key wallets are perfect for men with roomier pockets, or women who carry their essentials in a handbag. Stop fumbling for your keys; keep them organized and close at hand with a new leather key case from Sears.