Lolita Wine Glasses

Clink Lolita wine glasses and commemorate any occasion

Decorative wine glasses can add a splash of color and personality to anything. Lolita glasses offer a variety of seasonal and ever-changing accents to add to your decorative wine glass collection and create ornamental flair for your own home. Whether you love the look of the stylish and chic Lolita wine glasses or you appreciate the function of durable, hand-painted bling wine glasses, you can choose from a vast selection of Lolita glasses at Sears.

Instead of giving another simple 18x24 wood picture frame, these beautiful glassware sets make the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Each hand-crafted piece is decorated for various occasions and relationships, from weddings and birthdays to true love and friendship, Lolita has a specially painted wine glass to suit your needs. With the Love My Wine Glass designs, you can even find specialty wine glasses for every holiday including Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Of course, while these decorative glasses are unique hand-painted showpieces, they can very easily serve their original purpose with style. You can enjoy your favorite drinks out of the trendiest barware available. Celebrate special occasions with your best friends and a few wine glasses full of your favorite white, or sip red wine out of a Lolita glass at your monthly book club. Regardless of the reason for the event or gathering, you'll find the best selection of bling wine glasses at Sears.

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