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Bundle up with a men's bomber jacket from Sears

When the mercury drops, it's important to find a coat to keep you warm. Whether you're bracing for another chilly day or getting ready for a winter night on the town, no coat combines style and comfort better than a men's bomber jacket. Sears carries leather flight jackets in a wide variety of sizes and designs. You'll find bomber-style jackets in a range of colors, including neutrals like sharp black tones to classic brown shades that go with almost any outfit.

On a freezing day, it's essential to have proper clothing and layers to fight the cold. You not only need a men's knitted winter hat and pair of gloves to stay warm, but you also have to wear a coat with plenty of lining. A men's bomber jacket is ideal for handling frigid weather because it's made from sturdy, heavily insulated materials. Many designs also include elastic waistbands, which adjust to fit you snugly for additional warmth.

Bomber jackets come in a wide variety of styles for any occasion. If you own a motorcycle, leather designs are ideal motorcycle jackets for men because they protect you from the wind and have plenty of pockets to comfortably hold your wallet or keys. However, if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the colder months, consider wearing a flight jacket made of nylon and cotton. These materials are better at repelling moisture and easier to remove stains from than leather. Whether you need a coat for a business casual setting or just everyday life, Sears has a men's bomber jacket to fit your wardrobe.