Merino Wool Blankets

Wrap up in a merino wool blanket for the ultimate winter comfort

When the winter chill sets in, you want some serious warmth at your side. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, slip on a pair of knee high fuzzy socks and snuggle into a merino wool blanket from Sears to surround yourself in cozy comfort.

Merino wool comes from the wool of the merino mountain sheep, a winter survivor perfectly adapted to sub-freezing temperatures. That's why it's one of the best materials for making the warmest blankets. These blankets show off merino wool's natural advantages in delivering unmatched heat retention and comfort. Put those cotton and poly fill blankets back in the closet for warmer weather and wrap up in a merino wool blanket to stay toasty through the coldest winter nights.

Merino wool blankets don't just keep in the heat, they’re comfy too. Unlike plain wool blankets which can be a bit scratchy, these merino blankets come with triple stitched satin edges and smooth finishes, so you can relax in comfort while you warm up. Our selection comes in all sizes, so you can choose from king and queen size merino blankets to fit your bed or smaller throw blankets to keep around the living room. When it comes to fending off the winter chill, a merino wool blanket from Sears comes in handy.

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