Padded Folding Chairs

Get comfortable with padded folding chairs

When you host a party in your home, you should make sure there's adequate seating for all of your guests. While your family room couches and chairs may not be enough, you can easily add seating with padded folding chairs. Not only do these cushioned folding chairs add easy-to-store seats for party goers, they're also more comfortable than plain, metal folding chairs. Impromptu game nights will also benefit from lightweight seating that can be moved to any location in your home. Regardless of your needs, you can find a huge selection of padded chairs at Sears to prepare your home for guests.

Whether you're throwing an outdoor barbecue or an intimate dinner party, you'll need to have enough dining seats for everyone to enjoy their meals comfortably. Padded folding chairs can be stored when they're not in use and brought out for occasions that require additional seating space. You may have enough space for eight at your marble top dining table, but if you only have six chairs, you'll need to add a couple more to seat your entire dinner party.

Some chairs even come as sets with folding tables for the ultimate convenient setup for dinner parties, game nights and more. You can store your folding table and chairs in a closet, basement, garage or outdoor shed, and bring them out whenever you need them. Sears has the cushioned folding chairs that you're looking for to add stylish and comfortable seating for any occasion.

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