Projection Ceiling Alarm Clocks

Display the time on the ceiling above you with projection alarm clocks

Waking up to the sound of an alarm can be jarring, but if you have the right alarm clock, you'll be able to pull yourself out of bed and get ready to start your day. While there are many alarms readily available at Sears, projection alarm clocks are significantly more unique than many others. Because these clocks project the time from the machine up to your ceiling, you'll be able to see what time it is without turning to look at the clock. As soon as your eyes pop open from the sound of the alarm, you'll see the flashing time above you.

Of course, these projector alarm clocks are especially beneficial for kids sleeping in a twin over full bunk bed. Both children may not be able to reach the alarm, but they'll be able to see the time clearly, regardless of where the clock is.

One of the biggest benefits of a projection ceiling alarm is the ability to see the time wherever you are. If you prefer to keep your alarm on your bedroom chest of drawers at the other side of the room, you'll force yourself to get up to turn off the sound. Additionally, you can set the projection clock in a direction that allows you to see the time from your bed. At Sears, you'll find projection alarm clocks for your home so that you can always see the time no matter where you are in your bedroom.