Men's Velcro Shoes

Move comfortably in men's Velcro shoes from Sears

When you're enjoying a leisurely day, you need casual footwear to get around. Some of the most relaxing types of shoes to wear are men's Velcro shoes. Sears carries a large selection of men's Velcro sneakers and walking shoes so you can move through all your day's activities. You'll find everything from walking shoes with double strap closures to sneakers with single straps and laces designed for vigorous workouts.

Before picking the right pair of men's Velcro shoes, it's important to know when you're going to wear them. Different types of men's casual shoes are right for different occasions, ranging from outdoor chores to laidback nights on the town. However, if you need something for the office or formal events, consider sporting stylish men's walking shoes with Velcro straps. Choose pairs available in sleek black leather or dark brown colors to match your suit or business casual clothing.

When you're working out or doing other physical activity, you need footwear that provides ample support. Men's Velcro sneakers can handle anything from playing pickup games in the park to running on scenic trails. These pairs are typically lightweight so you feel relaxed when exercising in high or low-cut cotton socks. Some designs are even tailored for more adventurous activities like hiking and rock climbing. These shoes use stiff materials and feature supportive soles for proper grip. Whether you require casual kicks or high-performance sneakers, Sears has the men's Velcro shoes for your wardrobe.

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