Solid Oak TV Stands

Add style to your living room with an oak TV stand

An oak TV stand will add a classic bit of style to any home. Their solid wood construction makes them sturdy so you can relax knowing the TV has a solid base. Sears carries a variety of diverse models that vary in color, size and have a number of shelves to hold your DVDs, video game consoles or cable box. Pick from open styles or ones with cabinets. There's a design that will fit in with the rest of your accent furniture.

Size is critical when choosing a TV stand. You'll have to consider both the space in your den and the size of the TV itself. Sears carries oak TV stands that will suit all your room space requirements. If you're short on floor space or have an odd shaped room, an oak corner TV stand will fit snug into corners and still provide enough space for all your entertainment devices.

Whether you're looking for a dark finish or a light oak TV stand, Sears carries them all. When you're shopping for a new TV stand, make sure you pick up any extra TV cables needed to finish installation. A solid oak TV stand will give you a great space for all your electronics. Shop for your next TV stand and add some classic style to your home.