Tri Wing Screwdriver

Tighten screws with a tri-wing screwdriver from Sears

While most equipment is held together with regular Phillips and flathead fasteners, certain electronics use special triangular-slotted screws. Unfortunately, standard screwdrivers aren't always able to unscrew or screw these panels from this type of equipment. Sears carries an abundant selection of tri-wing screwdrivers to fasten or remove tri-wing screws. Choose from individual devices or complete tri-wing screwdriver sets to get the job done.

Tri-wing and cross-wing screwdrivers feature Y-shaped tips that are somewhat similar to the four-winged tips of Phillips head screwdrivers. These types of screwdrivers fasten triangular-slotted screws that are found on various electronics, including some video game consoles, phone chargers and tablets. While you might be able to occasionally use other bits or screwdrivers on these specific screws, a tri screwdriver provides the right precision to work on these delicate electronics without damage.

While some tri-wings are sold as part of their own set, many come as a screw bit in an interchangeable screwdriver set. These sets are perfect if you're looking to expand your screwdriver collection without taking up too much space on a workbench. When looking for a tri-wing screwdriver set, you should also consider which handles work best for you. For instance, if you require something lightweight, you should use models with plastic handles. Cross-wing screwdrivers with durable rubber handles might be heavier than standard plastic models, but they're designed to help improve grip. Whether you're purchasing a set or an individual tool, Sears has a wide variety of sturdy tri-wing screwdrivers that are built to last.

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