Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Reduce noise with an ultra-quiet air compressor from Sears

When you're working on projects with air-powered tools, a standard air compressor can be too loud for residential areas. Sears has a wide selection of ultra-quiet air compressors to help reduce noise. Like standard models, quiet air compressors are designed for everything from large jobs at a worksite or small tasks in the garage. Choose from high-end compressors able to operate most pneumatic tools and fill all types of inflatable items.

You might be able to get away with a standard air compressor in open spaces or during certain hours of the day. However, if you're working late at night or in areas with strict noise ordinances, it's important to have an ultra-quiet air compressor for the task at hand. A silent air compressor is typically powered by either gasoline or electricity. While a gasoline model will need to be refilled frequently, an electric compressor can be plugged into a standard outlet or an industrial-grade 12-outlet power strip before you start your project.

Whether you're using a quiet air compressor for heavy-duty construction work or a small household task, it has the versatility to perform numerous jobs. For instance, a silent air compressor can power paint sprayers, nail guns and other pneumatic tools for any project. If you have a tire that's low on air, this type of compressor also can inflate anything from car tires to air mattresses with ease. Don't let noise halt your next project. Find top-of-the-line ultra-quiet air compressors at Sears.