Watch Repair Kits

Fix a broken timepiece with the help of a watch repair kit

Repairing a wristwatch seems daunting, but with the right tools on hand it'll be a far simpler task. Sears carries a variety of watch repair kits with everything you need to fix your favorite watch. A sturdy watch case opener will get you into the inner workings, and watch screwdrivers will help you perform delicate adjustments. Pick up individual tools or a complete set to get the hands ticking again.

There are tools to perform any number of functions when fixing a broken watch. Watch band tools hold the band in place while you make adjustments and fix latches. Watch case wrenches firmly grip the notches in the back of the watch and can help remove the back without scratches. Once the back is open, you can replace the watch battery and have your favorite watch up and running in no time.

Watch repair kits are a key to maintaining your favorite timepieces. These tools will help you fix your battery, gaskets, straps and other small parts inside the watch. Sears has a broad selection of watch case openers and watch band tools that make major repairs, and regular maintenance won't be a problem.

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