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Step out in style with corduroy leggings for women

The next time you're putting together a stylish outfit, mix up your style by adding a pair of women's corduroy pants instead of the usual jeans or slacks. Sears has sleek corduroy leggings and pants that help you create a put-together look for any occasion.

Corduroy pants for women are as versatile as they are stylish. A pair of knit corduroy pants in khaki or tan is the perfect complement to a sweater or blouse darker shades. If you're wearing a casual tunic or long tee, go for a pair of corduroys in darker colors like brown, grey or dark blue to contrast. These pants complement your footwear in any season, too. Slim leg corduroy bottoms tuck perfectly into high women's boots, or look chic with flats.

Don’t forget that our corduroy women's pants are also a comfortable addition to your wardrobe. Our stretch waistband corduroy pants combine a polished look with all-day comfort for a great alternative to women's jeans. Form-fitting corduroy leggings with elastic woven right into the fabric offer comfortable stretch and a flattering fit. Add a new look to your closet with a stylish new pair of corduroy women's pants.