Why you should install an over-the-range microwave when upgrading your kitchen

Microwaves are often the ugly duckling of the kitchen; you know you love it, but it's an unfashionable square takes up too much space. Whether they are made by Kenmore or Samsung, appliances that take up valuable counter space can seem like they're not worth the money, especially when you can have something so much better for not much more money. Over-the-range microwave ovens offer the same heating capacity as your countertop model while freeing up space and making your dinner routine more efficient.

You might be wondering what makes an over-the-range microwave oven so unique. After all, isn?t it just a microwave that somebody hung up on a wall? In fact, placing a countertop microwave over the range will not yield quite the same result. An over-range microwave usually offers more space for heating, a fan for your stovetop work, and a light that helps keep your stovetop visible as you cook with pots and pans below. These microwaves are specially designed to handle the hot temperatures coming from your stove, while still providing the same quick heating features you love in your countertop model.

Many advantages

One of the great advantages to an over-range microwave is that it helps consolidate all of your cooking activity to one place. With your microwave, oven and stove in the same spot, you will save steps as you work on various dishes throughout the day. You can heat up vegetables in the microwave, sauce on the stove and a casserole in the oven without having to race back and forth across your kitchen as you check up, stir and perform taste tests on your dishes.

Another advantage to the over-range microwave is that you won't have to bend over to check your food. You might not think this is a hassle right now, but after you install an over-the-range microwave in your kitchen, you will realize that it is a lot easier to glance at your food from eye level. Plus, you won?t have to bend over to stir dishes or pull them out for a quick heat check.

Remember when you install your over-the-range microwave that you will still need to clean it from time to time. While you will have a better eye to prevent splatters inside the microwave, you will still have to occasionally wipe down the outside to avoid grease and stovetop splash from building up. You may also want to make sure to install your microwave high enough that you will be able to slide your stock pot underneath, to ensure that those occasional giant dishes will have room to breathe. And of course, an over-the-range microwave might require a stepstool if you happen to be a little short.

Let Sears help you find the perfect over the range microwave to fit your kitchen renovation. Come in the store to compare different brands, models and sizes to see what will work best over your stovetop.

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