Shopping and safety tips for water trampolines

When Old Man Winter strikes and the family's holed up in the game room with a bad case of cabin fever, start thinking about summer and planning all the outdoor activities you can do once the thermometer rises. One way to do that is to purchase a water trampoline to use at the lake. Inflatable trampolines provide hours of fun in the sun for everyone.

Different than a bouncer

A water trampoline is not another name for a water bouncer. They are two different creatures, even though bouncers are sometimes referred to as springless trampolines. A metal frame and attached springs support the jump surface of a water trampoline. The jump surface of a water bouncer is directly attached to the flotation tube. Because of the construction, more people can use a water trampoline at one time compared to a bouncer.

Start with the basics

When it comes to installing, make sure water trampolines are allowed at the lake, pond or other body of water where your family vacations. Yes, they can be used in salt water. Also, find out if there are any size restrictions. Water trampolines generally range from 14 to 25 feet in diameter. You have to anchor a water trampoline. The depth of water in which you need to place the trampoline varies by model and size. You also have to anchor trampolines away from obstacles. The manufacturer's instructions will provide the details.  

Once your trampoline is ready to assemble, leave yourself plenty of time. Follow the manufacturer's safety instructions as you assemble and inflate the trampoline. Keep in mind it can take 30 minutes or more to install one and an additional 30 minutes or so to inflate, depending on the size. 

What to look for when shopping

You want the water trampoline to be made of a high-grade material. Some are the same quality as inflatable boats. Are the seams heat- or RF-welded so that they're strong enough to hold up to a lot of wear and tear? See if the materials include UV inhibitors so that the trampoline doesn't fade in the sun.

Stay safe

Everyone, even those who can swim, should use a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket/floatation device. Inspect the water trampoline before each use. Require children to have adult supervision. Avoid using the trampoline during storms.

Add accessories and fun

You can purchase accessories for your water trampoline. You can purchase an inflatable slide so that when all of that jumping around leaves you all hot and sweaty, you can slip right into the cool water. With an aqua launch attachment, one person jumps down and sends another soaring into the air before making a big splash. A ladder will help everyone climb back onto the trampoline after being in the water. Test your balance and have some fun with the water log accessory.

If you spend a lot of time in the water during the summer, a water trampoline can provide fun for the whole family. Let Sears help you get ready for the warm weather with all the outdoor fun accessories you need.

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