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Slow Cookers & Steamers

Every kitchen needs a slow-cooker and a steamer. Sears offers quality brands like Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid and Kenmore. Available in various sizes, electric slow-cookers safely handle hours of low-temperature, unattended simmering -- ideal for turning inexpensive meats into tasty, tender stews. Many slow-cookers can be programmed to switch from cooking to warming mode. Non-stick, removable, dishwasher-safe interiors make cleanup a snap. Electric steamers cook rice and vegetables efficiently, without destroying the vitamins and minerals -- nutritional benefits often lost in other cooking methods. Some models are programmable, with multiple tiers for different ingredients requiring different steaming temperatures.
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Slow Cookers Save Time For The Family

Some may claim that slow cookers, steamers and pressure cookers are the lazy cook's best friends, but in reality they are a marvelous convenience for the busy family that wants a delicious home cooked meal ready to eat for dinner when they all arrive back home in the evening. When using a Kenmore or other famous brand slow cooker, all the cook needs to do is get the prepared meal into the cooker in the morning. The meal slowly cooks all day long, and is ready just in time for dinner that evening. With steamers and pressure cookers, healthy meals are prepared in faster times and with less effort than watching a boiling pot and hot water that might rob the otherwise healthy food of precious vitamins and minerals.

Roasts, stews, soups, vegetarian meals and other meals that need to cook over a long period of time at lower temperatures are prime candidates for slow cooker preparation. Simply set and forget while you attend to other matters. Your meal will be cooked slowly and perfectly, tenderized and ready to eat hours later. Tempered glass lids, ladles, and removable pots are designed for fast, easy cleaning when the meal is finished. Slow cookers from dependable manufacturers like Hamilton Beach have thought of everything, like programmable cooking, temperature probes, cool grip handles, and electrical protection.

Slow cookers are portable, as many enjoy taking these containers filled with their specialty to church dinners, family reunions and other gatherings. A few brands include handy carrying cases so this favorite small kitchen appliance can go anywhere. Steaming foods is another healthy trend that cooks like to include in their menu preparation efforts. Rice can be perfectly steamed to just the right tenderness, and vegetables are always at their best when steamed. Some steamers are available that allow cooking in multiple layers at one time for added convenience.

Rice cookers are another convenient kitchen appliance that can be used for more than one purpose. Besides cooking perfect rice every time, some units are designed for use as a fondue or soup pot. Small kitchen appliances, slow cookers and steamers, rice pots and other innovative products make ideal gifts for the bride-to-be or for other special occasions.

Cooks want dependable products that last. These steamers and slow cookers are just such products, made by reliable brand name manufacturers like Rival, Oster, Cuisinart, Presto, Kenmore, Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker. They carry excellent warranties and are sure to please even the most selective cook.

Using small kitchen appliances like slow cookers and steamers is an economical choice. There's no need to waste energy heating an entire oven when a small unit will do the same or a better job. Shop for slow cookers, pressure cookers, steamers, rice pots and other small kitchen appliances at the convenient online Sears catalog.



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