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      Find the best snow shovels of every type for every type of snowfall

      Snow may be delightful, but it's not so wonderful when it covers walkways and driveways. The sooner snow is removed from those areas, the easier those types of jobs tend to be. Sears' selection of heavy-duty snow shovels has solutions for a wide array of wintry situations. Specialized shovels are designed to tackle heavy snowfalls and the aftereffects of major ice storms, while others work well for everyday situations.

      Additional hands make it easier to remove snow from driveways and paths. With Ames snow pushers and similar products, one person can push snow aside while another person scoops it away. This type of system is extremely efficient, and these well-designed snow pushers speed things up considerably. Extra-wide polypropylene blades push aside wide swaths of snow, while hickory handles stand up to repeated use.

      When snowfalls measure in feet instead of inches, a basic snow shovel isn't going to cut it. Those in high-snowfall areas will appreciate the advantages of top-quality sleigh shovels. Designed to scoop away large quantities of snow in record time, these shovels are built with steel wear strip and enamel finishes for toughness and long life. By removing the majority of the snow with one of these useful tools, the rest of the job will seem a lot more manageable. On the other hand, if you have a tractor available, why not put it to work? Our snow attachments for tractors are compatible with a wide variety of tractors to give you all-terrain snow clearance without breaking a sweat.

      In the aftermath of a severe ice storm, it pays to have the right tools available. Portable generators and commercial generators can provide emergency power if the lights go out, while food and water supplies can help you ride out the storm in your home. When it's time to break the ice and get moving though, you'll need a purpose-built ice scraper to get the job done. These tools are specifically designed to scrape away surface ice much more effectively than regular shovels. Tempered steel blades cut through stand up to tough sheets of ice and concrete with equal ease for reliability that anyone can count on.

      There's no reason to dread the occasional winter snowstorm when exceptional tools are available. Sears' snow shovels come in a wide range of styles and can tackle just about any snow-removal task. With great tools like these, shoveling suddenly doesn't seem so bad.


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